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Програмата за февруари 2023г.

4 февруари 2023г: Кукери 11 февруари 2023г: Париж 18 февруари 2023г: Лабиринт 25 февруари 2023: Баба Марта Занятията се провеждат от 10.00 до 11.30, 13.00 до […]

Програмата за януари 2023г.

7 януари 2023г: Зима в планината В тази работилница с децата ще си поговорим за повърхнини. Ще направим различни опити да създадем триизмерни повърхнини, като нагъваме […]

Програмана за месец декември

3 декември 2022г: Коледна елха 10 декември 2022г: Работилница за коледни топки за елха. 17 декември 2022г: Сладка Коледа Занятията се провеждат от 10.00 до 11.30, […]


Architecture and environment
The relationship between the natural landscape and the architectural building; the sense of a town and a village; sustainability; “eco print”; The possibilities for recycling and reuse of materials in the building of spaces to inhabit.
Architecture, structure and composition
Geometrical forms and structures; natural and artificial forms; scale, proportion and rhythm
Architecture and sensibility
How do we experience the environment that surrounds us; form, color, texture, sound, light, smell
Culturally specific architecture
Building traditions and their formation in relation to specific climatic, geological, social and political conditions
Sense of history
Continuity and change in the structure and form of buildings and settlements; the town as a space to accumulate and rethink historical and spatial experience; the term “place” as a social and historical phenomenon
Architecture and function
Major stages in forming habitable space; the transition from natural shelters to the current functional environment around us; culture of habitation; minimal habitable spaces, functional characteristics and alternatives
Architecture and design
The task of an architectural concept; the aim of plans, drawings and models; members in the process of designing; basic knowledge in drafting, scaling, measuring and practice
Architecture and technology
Materials and technology; traditional and modern building constructions and techniques
Architecture and the education process
Mathematics; physics; chemistry; biology; environmental research; history; geography; social, political, civic and ecological research; psychology; aesthetics; arts and design; photography; languages; literature; music; technologies; computer science; media and business research
Architectural workshop outdoors
A weekend outdoors, an experimental range with practical tasks